Friday, July 17, 2009

Morning Stillness

I've become more of a morning person. There is something magical for me to sit on my porch and watch the sun rise and listen to the world waking up around me. When I am able to spend time reading and praying in the morning I seem to feel especially renewed and ready to meet the day. Perhaps I'm still groggy enough to let the Word and Spirit move in my heart more - I don't know. This is a poem I wrote one morning as I sat, watching the sun rise and thinking about the newness of the day and God's ability to work through it. I hope you enjoyit.

Sweet morning stillness
the priceless moment
of tranquility
and relationship
The opportunity of knowing
His heart
and my own
A time for self evaluation
and expression
The point when honesty reigns
and the possibility of purity
seems somehow attainable
The quiet stillness of first light
is captivating

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